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Update: Rereads & New Leaves...

Hi Booklovers,

I’ve been writing book reviews for just over a year now and want to provide an update, especially as this year has been so strange.

I began writing book reviews as a way to strengthen my own writing and it has helped considerably. Putting down on paper (or screen) what works or doesn’t work definitely helps to clarify effective writing. I also love to share my favourite authors, characters and worlds with you. In future, I might do a post about what I’ve learned from doing book reviews—I’m interested to know what my brain comes up with!

As we’ve been spending more time at home, it has been harder for me to find time/focus/energy to write and when I do, I’ve been focusing on novel writing and so I haven’t been posting reviews as often. I have been reading a lot and aim to post more mini reviews to make more time for creative writing. I would also like to post monthly wrap-ups here in addition to Instagram (@aholdfullofbooks) so you guys can see what I’ve been reading since I don’t review every book I read.

Do you reread books very often? I’ve been trying to work out a reading system: fiction book, non-fiction book and a reread going on at most times. This started as there are so many books I want to reread, but with an ever-growing To-Be-Read pile, it’s so hard to choose between them. I’ve decided to reread Throne of Glass as a secondary background book to the other books. During stressful times, people like to go back to what is familiar to them as it is comforting. This wasn’t my aim, but I can see why it works- with books, TV or anything else. I wonder how many people are rereading Harry Potter right now???

As part of my blog, I’d like to start including random blog posts such as this one so you get to know me better, and also so there’s something away from the regular review/flash fiction sections.

I have noticed that readers seem to love my articles and I have many topics in mind that I can’t wait to write and research, but they do take time to write. Hopefully when things get moving, I’ll be able to find more time to post articles more often. Please let me know if there’s anything you would like to see on my blog.

As for other matters, I’ve been doing a whole lot more yoga and finding it heartening to gain strength and flexibility back, aiming for pre-pregnancy levels (late teens would be great, but…). I can’t wait to return to dance classes…

Animal Crossing has proved to be a great game to play with family. Sadly, I’m not sure if I’ll be getting the new Elder Scrolls Online expansion- Greymoor, as I have a cyst at the base of my ring finger which aches with PC gaming. It seemed to turn up when I had a 90min battle with that dragon at the end of the main story of Elsweyr. Sigh. Please let me know your favourite games!

Do any of you use Wattpad? I’m hesitant to publish my short stories there as I might want to enter them in competitions, but I’m thinking of doing short fan fics. Will I find time? I have no idea, but it’s fun to think about.

Thank you everyone for checking out my reviews and flash fiction. Thanks for your love on Instagram. It’s such a big world out there for readers and writers. I’ve enjoyed meeting people to bond over books and writing and looking forward to more.




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